The Insatiable Need…

The urge to satisfy, feel, smell, taste and hear are amazing. Pleasing to the body, but especially to the mouth. There’s that moment when you just have to have it! Dopamine rises, palms may even sweat a little, eyes widen, your mouth gets wet from salivating and hope ensues. It’s hard to keep yourself contained, controlled. The anticipation is so high that you’re excited. You start to lick your lips at the thought. So hopeful that you begin to bite your lips ever so softly. Beaming. Here they come, closer, closer, and finally….

Your food arrives! Lol! Geesh, you all are nasty! What did you think I was talking about? Good morning!

P.S don’t forget to request the password. I’m on IG & Snapchat: TheRegalWoman


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