Sex: quality or quantity


If you are in a relationship/marriage for anything past 3 years, are you having sex to keep them away from someone else or do you really enjoy it? Does quality or quantity matter? In a recent discussion I have asked several couples that have been together for years, which makes the biggest difference, quality or quantity? I’ve heard ” we have sex weekly but I do it as a chore so I’m not really into it”, once a month if I feel like it and he better not cheat”, it may not always be weekly but it’s always very good”, ” I don’t do anything unless it’s very good, no questions asked”.

Many couples have very tailored sex lives, but I have heard ” it’s a chore”, quite a few times. I wonder why that is. Sex as a chore as a means to keep someone from cheating is just as bad as not doing it at all. Simply because the other person knows and can feel that you are not into it and that lack of intimacy can drive them in another directions. Just keep in mind, whenever you do it, no matter how, put your heart and soul in it!!!


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