Lover’s Showcase: The Steele’s

Our story…We met in August of 2001 in a Yahoo chat room for jazz lovers. We struck up a conversation about Miles Davis. We went from a group discussion to a private chat and within a week to phone conversations. We began dating in November of 2001, with much convincing from him to me because I was not interested in a long distance relationship, but something inside of me…God… was telling me don’t let go. We officially met in January of 2002. From January of 2002 to August of 2004 we dated long distance. In those four years of dating we learned the importance of being great communicators with our mouth, ears, mind, and spirit. God kept us together throughout those fours years of constant traveling and phone conversations. It brought us so much joy when I was able to move to be closer to him and even then we wanted to make sure we were not blinded by “absence making the heart grow fonder”. It was another four years before he and I said “I do.” We waited patiently for God to release us into marriage for each other and for this we thank God for leading and guiding us in all of our decisions and directions in life. We know that God did it in his perfect timing to make sure we both were the man and woman of God he wanted us to present to each other as we go forth in marriage and we could not be happier.

Gary & Laquita





One response to “Lover’s Showcase: The Steele’s

  • Dwayne Wall

    Gary….this is Dwayne : ) ! Loved reading the story of how you and your lovely wife got together…it’s heartwarming. Glad to see that you are doing well and happy ! My goodness, you look so much like your Father…it’s scary. You were always a good person…never change and always keep your beautiful wife happy. Take care…

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