The reasons…

When you marry, don’t marry because of practicality or years of dating. Marry because he/she is your best friend and your heart helped make the decision. The brightest point of your life. Marriage is not the final step, but the start of a beautiful beginning. Marriage is not easy, nor is it for the faint of heart. The days can be hard and the roads can be tough. However, with the right partner, it is worth every second of every day. You want to marry your best friend because you are more likely to forgive your best friend rather than an acquaintance. You will need that type of forgiveness in your marriage. You will both need to be fighters. If you are not ready for that challenge, then back away from the aisle! Enjoy your day {Tarah D.}
What were your reasons for saying yes to his proposal or got down on one knee to ask? Should one be absolutely sure before answering or asking? How long are you willing to date prior to thinking about marriage?


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