Lover’s Showcase: The Wright’s

The Wrights……..David and I met June 1997….I was walking to the store with my sister, when David rode up on his bike and tried to get my number…..but I said no because I wasn’t feeling him……we ran into each other again and started dating….we became bf/gf Dec 7,1997…’s funny because he told me I was gonna have his baby and I said no I’m not(we were only 15) now it seems like I been having his babies since!!(hahahaha)…..we dated on and off for 12 years and have 4 beautiful babies together……David proposed to me in Miami on his birthday, March 22,2009……Married June 19, 2010, honeymoon in Mexico……we have been through everything possible together, ups and Downs, good and bad times……through it all we survived…..when we came to realize we couldn’t live without each other, we didn’t anymore…..everything happened for a reason and we are proof that love is worth fighting for……I love him and he loves me….it was meant to be!!





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