Introduction to the Lover’s Showcase

I wanted to take a moment to dedicate some time to the couples that have done it. Black relationships have taken a severe beating and I would like to show that, we do exist and are young and happy! Through the trials, tribulations and stress of modern society, these couples have found success in love. Each week there will be a number of new couples photos and a brief love story. Every relationship will require some work, but it’s worth it! Please enjoy and believe that yes, true love does exist!! Let’s break the stereotype!
The Davidson’s
Our story is a simple one. My husband Ron (Damone) and I have been together 4 and 1/2 years. This man is not just my husband, he is my bestfriend. We got married at the Founders Inn in Virginia Beach, Va on May 8, 2010. We met through mutual friends at my home for a dinner gathering. The theme was for everyone to invite one person that no one else knew. Our friend Nigel brought him. He forgot his hat that evening, and once he picked it up, he asked me out. We went to lunch or dinner and a movie everyday for 2 weeks. After that period I cooked dinner for him and the rest is history 🙂 This showcase is created from love!





One response to “Introduction to the Lover’s Showcase

  • Leslie & Richard Bauer

    Your Both “Wonderful”people and I’m sure you will both go far!
    Be true to the love you have for each other

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