When love is right in front of you

How many times has love crossed your path, only for you not to realize it? There are a number of beautiful and successful women and men that are single due to this very situation. The daily demands of work, motherhood, or life in general have so many women and men sidetracked, that they are not noticing the attractive specimen standing right besides them in the elevator or on the subway. The age of technology has us looking down at our phones, ipads, or laptops and not quite paying attention. Understandably you have to get work done and check your emails, but be mindful of your surroundings. Look up every once and awhile, especially to watch where your going. Try making eye contact if your interested, stop assuming that the person should know that you may be interested. Remember what flirting is?? Well act like it! If you see a cutie in the Starbucks line, say something or smile. You dont have to be an aggressive tiger, but take some initiative they may not have noticed you yet. He or she could have been checking their emails 🙂 the facts are simple, you could miss out on something good if your not paying attention. click the link below and see exactly what I am talking about. Enjoy!
Pass Me By- Tomeka Winborne


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