So this weekend my family is having a picnic. This is interesting because, like most families, we have our share of problems. I think its a great idea, but I also think that some of the issues should have been talked about and settled beforehand. That would make it easier once we are all together. Many families have this same problem and some how, it never gets resolved. Is it just me or is it usually because of the sins of the generation before you? My generation has no real reason to dislike eachother, it has been handed down. Now don’t get me wrong, its not the whole family, but it is the first cousins. I say all this because, life is too short to hold grudges and be angry for reasons that you don’t remember. I chose counseling for this very reason. The family bond should be unbreakable, but instead we find ourselves closer to friends. How can we so easily let friends into our darkest hour, and not lean on what God has already provided us as a helping hand? I look forward to this trip because it shows my own personal growth. And I get to see my family. Yes, I know I said all of this which is true, but I still love them all very much! I believe that on this Memorial day weekend, we should confront our issues, deal with them together, then let them go. Try being a little less judgmental with the people that have the same last name as you. So many say that they are grown, but do childish things. I hope we can all heal from our hurt and move forward đŸ™‚ {Tarah D}


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