Moments of Realization #4

“The Date Scene”

Have you ever just watched people in a nightclub or network event? There are the men who make no attempt to talk to the women because they are use to women approaching them and falling all over them because of visual status. The women may not know anything about him, but he may be well dressed and spending money. There are women that make no attempt to speak to an attractive guy because men have always approached them. The opportunity may be missed because she gives off the “stay away” glare. You must be very alert about meeting people on the club scene because that may be their regular lifestyle. That would work if it is also your style. If it is not, it will become a problem. Many find themselves upset with the person if they go to the club every other weekend. However this is where you met the person and you can not put expectations on the person if they were not initially discussed. One of the biggest problems with trying to talk to someone in those environments, is the “group factor”. Most people go out with friends, which can make it a little intimidating to the individuals that are wanting to converse with one of the group members. When you are really on the look out, try going to after work events when you are alone. You will be amazed at how many people you will meet. The groups are fun, however you want to find someone and get to know them without the initial influence of your friends. Those scenes are not the only great places to meet people. In my opinion the best place to meet a nice person is in the grocery store. I know it sounds weird, but its true. We all have to eat!
*Key point- Brush your hair and look decent for your next trip to the grocery store.


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