Moments of Realization #3

Start the year with positive affirmations. In life we all have paths that are taken. I believe that there are several paths in which we are destined to take. We may choose one that leads us to wealth when another leads us to death. This road decision is a very heavy one and so many considerations must be made. I had every intention on typing this for the first day of the year, but the words had not yet hit me. When I write, I write as easy as the river flows. However, the words are well thought out prior to logging on. When you are out in this world searching for a mate, find a listener and be a listener. The strength of your relationship lies within its communication. There will be a ton of work to do to maintain it but its worth it. You will find that many of the fights, and steps away from leaving, all revolve around whether someone listened to the other. The key to listening effectively, is to pay attention to every word prior to jumping in, instead of just “hearing” the person. A relationship is like a baby and a long term career. It will require nurturing and affection, as well as time and dedication. Whatever path you choose, choose a partner who is willing to walk the tough miles. Who is will to help you battle your skeletons without burying yourself in baggage. Life is funny. Just when you think you have it figured out, here comes the monkey wrench. Now pay close attention… Be careful how you deal with that monkey wrench, it could very well be your test for your testimony!
*Key point- Shhhhh, you do not always have to have the first or last word! {Tarah D.}


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