Moments of Realization #5

Interracial Relations and Open Mindedness

I have had may discussions with both men and women that find it difficult to find that special mate. They have been on the lookout for many years with a plethora of unhappy and dead end relationships. My questions is, why do some people not look outside their own race to find love? Also why do some people find it offensive when one delves into other races to find love? Finding that person that makes you smile just because they woke up the next morning is worth looking in places that you haven’t visited. Just food for thought!

*Key point- Open you mind and don’t judge book by other peoples summary!


2 responses to “Moments of Realization #5

  • Charles Haynes

    Hey Love,
    The truth is most people you may have had discussions with have this in common. They are looking for a type not for love. I am “seriously” not trying trying to sound deep here, but it really can be very simple. The problem is people are looking for love and they are struggling with really loving themselves. I mean, a healthy dose of just being “OK” with who you are can save you a lot of unhappy relationships and useless interactions. Men and women who have set up a profile of what they are looking for automatically put the blinders on. I have been observing people in the lounge , bar, club, and networking scenes. I recently told a good friend of mine I think when I start dating I may end up dating a white woman because I have no desire to continue to do business as usual. I appreciate those who have a healthy outlook and appreciation of who they are. I am not looking for love myself. I want to be with someone who really wants to be with me, not interview me for some future plan of theirs so I can be put into their little box. I have a friend who says I seem like the kind of black man who likes white women, because of the way I speak, my interests and even how I dress at times. She is black and we have had some interaction on intimate levels. Truth! I love black women, I love all types of women. I am not a wanderer, or player, but I’m not sure what form my compliment will come in when it comes to that “special” woman. I believe people get offended because they “feel” as if a man or woman looks outside their own race is betraying some sacred oath. What should be sacred is being true to yourself, most things we value in life have little to do with their color, shape, or size, but the impact that thing has had on our lives. Let it be the same with the people we let into our lives and we will enjoy this ride along with all its ups and downs…

  • positivelylove

    That is true on so many different levels! I understand that there are some things that only particular races can understand or relate to, but many are not opposed to learning. Dating outside of your race does not make a person a trader by any means. My number 1 no-no is when people abandon their own race to be with another because of drama from past relationships. The last thing anyone wants to hear is “Im going to date a white or hispanic man or woman because I am tired of the bs that comes with being black or what ever their race may be’. Loving one’s self is most important when you date outside of your race and even date period. As long as it is not used to “get back” at your own race or in a state of abandonment, it could be a wonderful experience or a bad one. There is no race that has no relationship issues. Adultery, betrayal, and deceit happens in all races. Just try to get to know each person completely before you pass them off as just another white guy, black guy, black woman or even hispanic man. Please believe that men of every races complain about their women and the complaints are usually the same worldwide. Take each person at face value and many will see the differences that being open minded can make.

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