Love, life and all its challenges

I have decided to focus on this blog more often. Love and life can be quite complicated and discussions should take place. I chose this format so that you may ask questions and respond anonymously. Please feel free to suggest topics, invite friends  and join the conversations.

Many of us find ourselves in love. We do not always remember when it started but it felt good. Somehow in the years of togetherness you may feel like you lost yourself or lost something. You have been an individual for so long that you struggle to conform to your new life. You love your mate, but the push and pull can get tough. The smallest thing can quite possibly set you off. Or you just don’t quite know why they are so mad about such a small issue. Sound familiar? Whether you are married or not is irrelevant, because each relationship requires a certain amount of conformity. The roles then begin, who takes the kids to school, wakes up at 5 to feed the crying baby, who does the dishes, or cooks. In the mist of trying to make this thing work, you still try to keep a little of yourself for yourself.

Question: What is the best thing about love, relationships and marriage?

Question: Have your views changed since you’ve been married?

Question: How do you achieve keeping a little of yourself?

Question: What do you find most difficult with relationships whether you are single or involved?

Question: What is the most attractive thing in a man or woman?

Singles: What are the issues that come with being single?

If you find it hard to date, what could be done to improve it?

Would you be receptive to singles event that are tailored to your standards?

Being single comes with perks and negatives, Im sure. What are they?

** If you would like to comment but do not want to use your real name, feel free, we would love to hear from you. Your email address is required to comment, but no one can see it. It is for approval purposes.



8 responses to “Love, life and all its challenges

  • nikki

    Glad there is a place for us to talk about all of this! Being single is hard because of the dating scene! People are vain these days and the little things do not matter anymore. A nice place to date would be great, I would be down. The perks to being single are that you do not have to worry about anyone else and things are the way you want them. The negative side is that sometimes you want the companionship without the drama.

    • nikki

      The drama is definitely a no-no. No matter if you are single or in a relationship. However communication is the key. At least that’s what everyone says, but few know how to do it effectively. Not worrying about someone else can be great, but you may want someone to worry about you. It is all give and take.

  • Ms. T Prescott

    Great questions… I just didn’t date after I was married for 10yrs. “Relationships just happened so to speak, that makes no sense, but we were friends prior.”

    What do I find most difficult with relationships? Not carrying over the past hurts of someone else into a new relationship. It’s almost as though you go into something with a lack of trust or even belief of many things. Example, if in a relationship and you were deceived in some way, you’re going to take that mentality of distrust with you into another relationship, or it’s in the back of your mind (being honest). No matter how many promises they make to you, there is that little piece of you saying “Don’t trust it.” Unfortunately in my case, as soon as I let that guard down and let them in, I learned of a major lie and deceived again after 13months. Does this have an affect the future? of course it does… It’s hard to let go of the pain when someone hurts you, especially when you were great friends first. So maybe dating would help move forward, because from friends to relationship just leaves you torn on how to proceed. Can you be friends again? Or how do you just drop the person who had become your best friend. Who had talked marriage with you, engaged in the lives of your children… How do you just move on? That’s my problem with now being single… I trust NO ONE. I didn’t realize how much of me I gave until they were gone and I was a little lost for a bit, but we learn and we grow.

    Not sure of the perks or the negatives either… Relationships to me as prelude to marriage, not everyone sees things that way, so guess that’s the hard part of being single… T.

  • nikki

    I can relate to the not dating part. I did the same thing. The bad part of not dating and going from one relationship to the next is not just trust baggage. It can be closure baggage as well. My mom use to always tell me about baggage and how to learn to heal first. When you are young you rarely listen to your mother. However you will find in later years that you wish you could turn back the hands of time. Whether it was the guy that was the wrong one from the beginning, or not trusting the right one from the start. There are so many paths that I have went down making bad mistakes and even good ones. I can relate to the hurt and trust issues that you have based on my early relationship years. Life just happens and it is very hard to plan for it. All we can do is wait up for what tomorrow brings.

  • positivelylove

    Trusting again is by far the most difficult part of dating again. Trying to let go of your baggage feels impossible at the time. The thing is, everyone has baggage. It is part of the give and take in a relationship. When the right person comes along, they have a way off easing that transition and comforting you in ways that you never saw coming. The journey will be beautiful and you will have the man you were looking for. The difference will be that he found you.

  • charitygetulle

    The best thing about love is that when you love someone you can turn negative things into positive.You may feel happiness in every minute even though you have problems in life.Loving someone makes a person understand each weakness.And in a relationship you will learn to forgive and forget even if someone commits mistake.Women will take more sacrifices even in the midst of hardships to stand for her family and to stay faithful in order to make her children live with gladness and harmonious life.Above all to live completely as a family.

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