The Power of Intimacy…

Today, we are going all the way there! You asked, I obliged. Let’s go…

If you close your eyes right now, can you feel his or her touch? Can you smell their perfume or cologne? Can you see their face and quite possibly taste them? It’s interesting, isn’t it? Is it intoxicating to the point where you can’t stop yourself? Do you have to stop yourself? Does it cross your mind so many times that it’s actually distracting? Are you wondering if they are thinking of you? How can you be so absolutely drawn to another human being? Is it the sex, the connection or the love? Is it worse for women or men? Is it the intertwining of souls that sticks to you? Are you drawn to one another without any help? Intimacy is not all about sex. Is this person your soul companion? Do you only get one soul companion? Can their be many? Let’s talk…

We all have a love language. The problem is, so many people are involved with others that do not know what it is. Furthermore, sometimes you don’t even know what yours is. Discovering how you love and how you need to be loved can take you down a path full of questions.

  • What is my love language?
  • Can I teach him or her?
  • Is this person my soulmate?
  • How important is intimacy?
  • Are we meant to be together?
  • Am I already happy?
  • Am I relying on him/her to make me happy?

Can you look past intimacy in a relationship because of years in the relationship or love? Do you believe that love and intimacy are the same?

In my opinion: Soul mates, intimacy, love, sex, faithful, friendships… Powerful words with vastly different meanings. A soul mate is a person with feelings of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality. This type of person is your connection when you are not even speaking. They know what you need and how to love you, even if they are not the person that you are in-love with or involved with. You fall into a soul companion arena once you find that the person is deep in your soul, be mindful, you may not be married to or even dating this person.

With all this being said, sometimes you are meant to watch the person fall in love with other people and stand by and watch. Your position in their life may be to provide an unconditional love and remain consistent, but never their mate. You can be honest though. Your role may be the fixer or just the friend. If you have never crossed the sexually intimate line, this may not be too difficult, but it will suck! If you have crossed the sexually intimate line, this is a different story. Let’s just say that the sex was good, not bad, not out of this world to where your thoughts are skewed. Good, but the connection is great or at least you thought so. The connection feels electric, making you feel amorous intoxication (next blog post). Is it now a little better because of the previous bond between you? Now you have new feelings, but they aren’t new, just intensified. You must decide what to do with this emotional overload and do your best to get a grip.

It may be quite overwhelming at first, but you will recover and either go back to being the unconditional lover friend or move forward into a relationship. Still, you should be grateful to have one another, some people go a lifetime without this relationship. It is likely that you will just return to who you previously were. Simply because… All soul companions aren’t meant to be together.


One response to “The Power of Intimacy…

  • theunspokentruth12

    The last 15 years I have talked to and have had lot of married women confide in me in regards to sex and relationships. When people are dating they can not wait to have sex with each other. The guys spend most of the time just trying to figure out how to get in between the woman’s legs. Once the chase is over things change. Once you have been married for 5 years or more , things change. Add children to the picture, things change.
    First we have to understand that 80 percent of Great sex(I did not say average, or good, I said Great sex), 80 percent of great sex is all mental. The other 20 percent is physical. I can talk on this topic all day long but for now I will explain just one part of this. When a man is not mentally into having sex with his woman, he my have trouble keeping an erect penis. When a woman is not mentally into her man, she may not get as wet, or stay stimulated during sex. After 5 years of looking at each other, it is human nature to get used to seeing what you see.

    So the trick is to mentally be able to get your mind to that place, that place you were at when you first dating. There are many things you can try but you have to first be open minded and secure about yourself sexually.

    Mentally into sex= increased blood flow to sexual areas of the body, more likely to connect with your lover, Passionate sex. Really guys, in the bedroom you should be like a Solder on a mission, Willing and Ready to do anything necessary to make your woman orgasm. Same go for woman.
    Go to go

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