What are you looking at????

When I walk the malls, I often see women knocking their men upside the head, tapping him on the shoulder, or staring at him with a hard glare. All because of what?? You know what… The infamous look at other women. Now ladies, we must be honest with ourselves, you have looked at another man before. The difference is that you haven’t been caught, lol! Why, because we use our eyes only!!

Fellas, please remember when you are with your woman and looking, don’t gawk! Don’t get caught staring in another woman’s eyes and making eye contact, definite no-no. Just glance, but NEVER EVER turn around to get another look. We women find that disrespectful. Now the fact is that people are human and will find others attractive, it’s natural. Looking is a non physical reaction and it should remain that way. Your woman may look at her before you even notice the women because she noticed her first and knows that she may be your physical type, lol!! At the end of the day, the best tip I have for the guys on this subject is simple: ONLY LOOK WITH YOUR EYES, NOT YOUR HEAD!! Your whole head should not rotate because a Maliah Michel, or Meagan Fox look-alike has walked in the mall. I know it’s hard fellas, but you’re going home with the woman next to you, you do not want that argument for the remainder of the evening or even the week. Besides, he will only say… I was just looking, I’m with you honey! Sound familiar guys 😉


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