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Closed mouths don’t get fed…

She glances at him from across the hotel bar. She knows him but not intimately. Their companies have multiple accounts together, many of which they have worked on together. She’s always felt some sexual tension and chemistry between them when they work together but she’s too shy to say anything and he’s too professional to get personal at work. She’s always wanted to see him outside of the office but what were the chances of them being on the same out of state account? And in the same hotel!? Was it fate? Who cares! A different state made her feel a bit confident!

In the dimly lit bar, Jill Scott’s “Crown Royal” playing in the background has her feeling bold! She signals the bartender and sends over his current drink of choice. He looks up when he receives it and she raises her glass to “cheer.” As he attempts to walk over, she walks away. The bartender hands him a letter stating the lady left it for him. The letter is simple, “I’m sure this is unexpected but if your desire is the same, use the key.”

When she enters the room she jumps in the shower to freshen up and rolls on a bit of perfume and deodorant. She stays waxed, so it’s all good there! She throws on a bra and panty set and suddenly she hears a knock at the door. With a racing heart, she turns on Sabrina Claudio “Naked” and says “come in”….

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Protected: The Power of Love…

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Physically Appealing

Ok, lets talk for a second! Did anyone watch “The Originals” last night? Marcel (Charles Michael Davis)…. Shut up! Him, the suit, yes, yes, yes! He looked amazing, as did Rebekah (Claire Holt)! There is something extremely special about men and women being physically fit. The way they look in clothing is something to talk about. A dress on a fit woman and a tailored suit on a fit man…. have mercy!! Just food for thought, step your game up! ! Off to workout!!

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