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Valentines Day

Valentines Day.

The Baby Bump Chronicles


The Baby Bump Chronicles.

Week 39!!!! So if you have reached this point or any point after week 37, you have probably tried every natural inducer known to man. You may have just finished sex and now on google while bouncing on a birthing ball, eating pineapple, and sipping on red raspberry tea, all while considering a perineal massage with evening primrose oil, when you had no idea what a perineal was! Lol!! At this point I am not tired of being pregnant, I actually love it. My concern is being medically induced, that terrifies me. In many hospitals, the closer you get to your due date, the more talk you will hear about it in the hospitals. Now I’m not sure if I told you all that my goal is have a natural, medicine free birth. Everyone is entitled to birth their own way, I chose this one because I’m not big on medication.
Anyway, during these last few weeks I got to see my daughter again on the ultrasound at 37 weeks. She was 7 ibs 12ozs, but they say give or take a few ounces. now that day didn’t go the way I expected. First of all I started feeling mild shakes in the womb at week 35 and it concerned me. So I told my OB and she sent me to get a non stress test. A non stress test is a fetal monitor and contraction monitor that you stay on for at least 20 minutes to check the baby’s heart rate during contractions. Well, my baby stays up all night and sleeps all day, so at 9am, she slept through the test. So after they tried keeping her awake three times, they sent me for a growth ultrasound. The ultrasound was extremely detailed. It measured blood flow, weight, and brain/heart function. Just when I thought it was over, they sent me to labor and delivery 😦 I wasn’t ready yet!!!! But she ended up passing the prolonged monitor testing and by 4pm, we got to go back home. Now don’t get me wrong, my bags were packed and in the car, nursery complete, carseat installed and all ready, I just hadn’t mentally prepared myself, but hey it’s her show, not mine.
Well now I’m home and only dilated 1 1/2 cm and 20% effaced, booooo!!! I will of course keep you all updated with progress, but for now I’m going to go get back on my birthing ball, lol!!!!!

These last few weeks:
Baby hiccups
Pelvic pressure
Leg cramps
Sweet cravings
Super frequent bathroom runs!!!!
And my personal favorite… Braxton Hicks!!!!


The Baby Bump Chronicles


My first blog of 2012!!!!! Needless to say, there are plenty of pregnant celebrities and the media is on baby watch! Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Gardner, Hillary Duff, to name a few. And I’m sure they have the same problems that we do, lol!!
I am officially 34 weeks! Now to us, that would equal 9 months, however, in the land of pregnancy they add the days of each month, not the months per say. So by the time I give birth, I will be 10 1/2 months, wow!!!! As my journey comes to a close, I must reflect on the time that has past. The first 18 weeks felt like the hardest thing I ever did in my life! The first tIme my husband and I were able to see her was at the 10 week ultrasound. Amazing! The amount of love that comes over you for a person is unbelievable. I craved nothing but carbs for a very long time, potatoes, pasta, and rice. No meat, fruit, or veggies. I ensured that I took plenty of vitamins to supplement my diet. Please read the pregnancy books, believe me it saves you many unnecessary trips to the ER. Be aware of round ligament pain, it feels like stitching in your sides, especially the right side. Oh, and the rib pain you start to feel towards the end of the second trimester???? That’s just your friendly uterus pushing yur rib up to accommodate the baby’s growth. Try laying on your left side fr a few minutes. Drink your water, whether you like it or not it is a nutrient for your baby. I didn’t get any crazy cravings, from what I’ve read, they only get really crazy when you ave deficiency such as iron. The only craving that was odd for me was sodium, I guess because I eat a high sodium diet, my blood pressure was low. Being pregnant required more sodium. Read about every vitamin and its benefits. Here are a few things that worked wonders for me:
Nausea- peanut butter on saltines and club soda. Plain saltines did nothing for me and I couldn’t take the thought of ginger anything, still can’t!
Skin breakouts: I never went through breakouts before, so once I was pregnant my hormones went crazy! I use a charcoal soap and cream that works like a little peice of heaven! I tried every product you could name that was safe for pregnancy. Nothing worked except the charcoal soap. Couldn’t drink orange juice, but supplemented with vitamin c to keep my immune system strong, especially during flu season.
Back pain: Exercise! Exercise Exercise! You will want to lay around and relax, but stretch and workout! You will thank yourself later!
Heartburn: dairy products such as yogurt can be helpful. If you can tolerate them or Tums.

Colds: I took alot of vitamin c and d to fight the one cold that I had because I didn’t trust the over the counters. Sometimes they say they are safe but they haven’t been tested on pregnant people, so how would they know it’s safe????
Braxton Hicks: drink yor water and lay on your left side. Water is your friend. If you let yourself get dehydrated, you will regret it.Those are just a few that come to mind. I took a very natural approach to my pregnancy. No two pregnancies are alot, not even for the same woman. I’m enjoying my third trimester tremendously. I love the bonding time I have with my mini me 🙂 Well that’s all for now. will give a weekly update as the pregnancy comes to a close!
{Tarah D}


The Baby Bump Chronicles

Hope you enjoy the journey forward and feel free to share your own stories soon 🙂

So many of the women that surround me are either pregnant or trying to get there. I understand the frustrations that go along with waiting every single month for ovulation and the 10-14 days to take a test, only to find out that’s its negative. Ladies you are not alone. I created this post in this category so that we can journey together through all aspects. I know that you have heard it all….
1. Just relax, stress won’t help
2. If you stop trying, it will happen
3. Hold your legs in the air
4. Put a pillow behind your back
5 Try this position or that position
6. Don’t use the bathroom for 30 minutes
Yeah, yeah, but when your ready, those are the last things you want to hear. Then you watch everyone around you getting pregnant. I know, trust me. Tell me about it. But it will happen in due time 🙂

To the ladies that are already pregnant, how life changing is this!!! Your back hurts, your eating beef when you were once a vegan, your legs are swollen, you always feel like your cycle is about to start, can’t brush your teeth, your mans cologne and hair suddenly smell repulsive, you pee every 20 minutes, you rush to the bathroom only for 6 drops yo come out, you have to eat a whole meal at 3am…. Sound familiar?? Lol! It seems as if the person that you were is now being altered by the little being growing inside. You never knew just how much you could truly love another human until this little life began to grow. Tell me about it 🙂

Mothers, I know you are thinking, don’t complain now, you are just getting started. 2am feeding, walking, daycare, talking back, homework, bag lunches, school buses, school clothes, attitudes, and the infamous: Teenagers know everything!!!!! I recently became a guardian of a my 15 year old niece and let me say, teenagers are very different then children 🙂 Tell me about it!


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