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The Baby Bump Chronicles


The Baby Bump Chronicles.

Week 39!!!! So if you have reached this point or any point after week 37, you have probably tried every natural inducer known to man. You may have just finished sex and now on google while bouncing on a birthing ball, eating pineapple, and sipping on red raspberry tea, all while considering a perineal massage with evening primrose oil, when you had no idea what a perineal was! Lol!! At this point I am not tired of being pregnant, I actually love it. My concern is being medically induced, that terrifies me. In many hospitals, the closer you get to your due date, the more talk you will hear about it in the hospitals. Now I’m not sure if I told you all that my goal is have a natural, medicine free birth. Everyone is entitled to birth their own way, I chose this one because I’m not big on medication.
Anyway, during these last few weeks I got to see my daughter again on the ultrasound at 37 weeks. She was 7 ibs 12ozs, but they say give or take a few ounces. now that day didn’t go the way I expected. First of all I started feeling mild shakes in the womb at week 35 and it concerned me. So I told my OB and she sent me to get a non stress test. A non stress test is a fetal monitor and contraction monitor that you stay on for at least 20 minutes to check the baby’s heart rate during contractions. Well, my baby stays up all night and sleeps all day, so at 9am, she slept through the test. So after they tried keeping her awake three times, they sent me for a growth ultrasound. The ultrasound was extremely detailed. It measured blood flow, weight, and brain/heart function. Just when I thought it was over, they sent me to labor and delivery 😦 I wasn’t ready yet!!!! But she ended up passing the prolonged monitor testing and by 4pm, we got to go back home. Now don’t get me wrong, my bags were packed and in the car, nursery complete, carseat installed and all ready, I just hadn’t mentally prepared myself, but hey it’s her show, not mine.
Well now I’m home and only dilated 1 1/2 cm and 20% effaced, booooo!!! I will of course keep you all updated with progress, but for now I’m going to go get back on my birthing ball, lol!!!!!

These last few weeks:
Baby hiccups
Pelvic pressure
Leg cramps
Sweet cravings
Super frequent bathroom runs!!!!
And my personal favorite… Braxton Hicks!!!!


The Baby Bump Chronicles

So you have contemplated on whether it is time to start my family. You have finished school, got married or planning on it, make enough money and are just plain tired of people asking you “when are you going to have children”? All the while you are thinking to yourself…. Are they going to feed those children, clothe them, pay for day care, and change their daily schedule?? No, no one will giving that helping hand when the baby novelty wears off, so you have to be ready for it. let me give you a drop of advice……
1. You will never be completely ready for the most drastic change in your life.
2. It is the most drastic change of your life 🙂
3. You have to want it for yourself, because it is a full time commitment.
4. Stop trying to plan every second of your life, children change those plans at a moments notice.
5. There is no Morning Sickness, it’s all day 🙂
6. What ever food you liked, say goodbye during the first trimester!
7. Last but not least….. You will never be more in love then you are the moment you find out your pregnant. Every ache, pain, vomit, and midnight cravings will be worth it. It gets better 🙂

The first trimester was a bit traumatic. You don’t know what is normal and what’s not, so your always calling the doctor. Once you get to the second trimester, things really start looking up. I’m at week 19 tomorrow and I’m so grateful that I get to enjoy it now. This thing called “round ligament pain” will be your worst enemy. It’s a sneaky one, so be on the look out. Also, you may grow rapidly once you hit second trimester. Your body may get tense, so consider a good workout routine, I met with a prenatal trainer last week and she is showing me what I need to stay fit during this pregnancy. They say to watch what you eat, but trust me, I know it’s hard especially when you can’t keep much down. I ate noodles, baked potatoes, French fries, sandwiches and 3 hamburgers throughout the first trimester. The funny part is, I rarely ate starches before pregnancy and detested beef!! I couldn’t go near fruit or vegetables or anything sweet. I still can’t have the fruit except for mandarin oranges (want some now)! My usual snacks are cereal and triscuits. Oh, and i only drink water. Definitely can’t have orange juice and I water down my grape juice, ok, that’s all for this week. See ya next week!! And don’t forget, I’m waiting for your baby and family stories, even if your not pregnant yet!!


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