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Valentines Day

Valentines Day.

Valentines Day


So once again the old gimmicky holiday has rolled around. I personally like the holiday, however, I hate to have to go to the store for anything on the February 13th. Lets take Walmart for instance, you need a jug of milk, deodorant, and shaving cream. One stop shop is the nearest Walmart, you arrive, grab your stuff, and head to the check out counter….. To your surprise, there are at least 5 people in each line with their hands full with teddy bears, candy and balloons. Tacky!! Lol!! Don’t last minute shop.
Ok, let’s stop here. If you are in the market for a gift for your mate, here a few great websites to help you out and have your gifts there on time with low or no shipping costs. Ladies, remember that guys appreciate gifts too. It is a lovers holiday, not a woman’s holiday.
Gift ideas: spa packages are great for anyone. Personalized gifts are thoughtful as well. Now a nice piece of lingerie, spiked heels and some candles go a long way too. And fellas, candles, a bath, and massage oil works the same for us!

Not sure what city you are in but Living Social has great deals going on…
Chocolate covered strawberries


Love notes: hiding love notes in her stuff, so she finds it while getting dressed and throughout the day, are always thoughtful. You can play with the idea by writing a love note on the mirror, so when she showers the steam will show the message.

Scavenger hunt: hide her gift and give her clues on how to find it. Lead her to a restaurant and meet her there or to a in home picnic.

In home picnic: who says you have to go out?? Restaurants are crowded anyway. Grab takeout or cook up some goodies and have a real in home picnic.

Just a few tips, I have plenty more if needed, just shoot me an email πŸ™‚



Security Blanket


What’s the first thing you thought of?? Well remember when you broke up with that person who you just knew wasn’t a good fit or at least wanted to break up. He or she won’t marry you but they will stay in a relationship or even carry on a 5+ year engagement. Even if you break up, you go right back together. That’s your security blanket! You know that person may not even have your best interest at heart, but your comfortable. The sex is good, really really good, so your blinded by the sheets! They are financially secure with good credit, but talks to you like a child or emasculates you, They tell your that they are still growing or just bare with them as they mature, but should you really have too? Are you a security blanket or are you using one? So, how do you get from under the covers? Well, first you must figure it out and admit it. What do you really want in life? What drives you to succeed? Can you say that without a shadow of a doubt, that this person will be there for important things. You can so easily call your friends stupid for being in the same situation, but why are exempt from your own advice? The best thing you can do to fix your situation is think about the advice you would give a friend in the same situation and TAKE IT YOURSELF!!! Only you know when your sick and tired, so only you can change it!
Tarah D.

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Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed!!

Ladies! Gentlemen! Please, if your person ( husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, jump off, sideline, or lover) isn’t doing what you need done, speak now!! Don’t just silently complain or throw a fit. Speak up. Sex should not be a chore. Every person should know the feeling of wall climbing, back aching, stuttering sex. It should not be the drawbridge to get to your television show or football game. Β Some people have strange fetishes, you don’t have to agree, but do try something new. I always say, “keep it spicy”! Lingerie, candle wax, food, whips (if that’s your thing), cuffs, swings, beads, whatever your preference, please eliminate your mundane sex life. Time to recharge, closed mounts don’t get fed!

Intimacy after the baby!!!!

So I’ve been away from this blog for quite sometime. I was away for the last trimester and first few months of my daughter’s life. As we all know, after the 6 week check up (some move much faster, lol) our mates are ready for some action! Now some women may say “he has lost his mind, I just a pushed a baby out, and I want nothing going in”!! He’s thinking “well damn, it’s been some months now! Let’s get it on”! A baby does not equal no sex life. You need your relationship and the intimacy.So here comes a crossroad, how do you both get what you want? After a baby, women tend to feel a little overwhelmed. Creating a helpful atmosphere will help her get into the mood. Take some responsibility off of her hands so that she doesn’t have a headache and isn’t tired. And that additional help will earn you some brownie points. Here’s a great scenario. Once the evening comes around, prepare dinner and tidy up afterwards.mgive the baby a bath and feed, if the child is not breastfed. Even if you are tired, you know your goal, so you have to sacrifice your rest πŸ™‚ Once you have lightened your load, go to her, kiss her gently and when she says… I have a ton of stuff to do. You Sam I took care of it! Boom!!!! She’s done, and you should be well on your way between the sheets.

Now ladies, I completely understand being tired, having a headache, mild pain from healing the past 6 weeks, and just not feeling like it. Just remember that, every time you say no. Remember that one day he will stop asking or in some cases, begging. One day his head will hurt, he’ll be tired, or just won’t want you. That feeling of rejection will hurt, so why do the same to him. Men have feelings as well. A relationship is like a plant, you nurture and water it, if you fail to do so, it dies. Getting alone time is difficult when you have children, so get creative.
* Have a hotel room in your home. A room that you escape to in order to become step 2….
* Role play. I wrote an article about this topic. When you’re in a relationship, it is best to keep it spicy. You be Brad and she can be Angeline, or Halle and Billy Bob, when they were on “Monstera Ball”! We all remember that scene!!!!
*Schedule a date. There is no reason to not a have a babysitter every now and then in order to grab a bite to eat,
* My favorite piece of advice….TOUCH!!! Kiss one another through the day. Caress one another, make out like teenagers.
* Talk, be honest with one another. This is your partner. If you can’t tell each other, then who??

Find ways to show each other that you do appreciate them. Men and women think differently. Remember that when you are feeling some kind of way. No one is a mind reader. Discuss new fetish, dislikes, and possibilities that you may be one to. It’s all worth a try!!!

Until next time: keep it spicy! {Tarah D}


Some ask, what’s the big deal? Others ask, why do you need it?
Ladies, do you hate the fact that your man watches porn? Did you find magazines or dvd’s? Were you on the computer and a sexual ad popped up? Or were you browsing through the history hoping to find something to complain about as soon as he stepped through the door??
Let’s talk some things out. First, fellas, please be honest with her. Don’t go sneaking around, you may find that she enjoys it also. Ladies, if you find it repulsive, sit down with your man so you can explain your feelings to him. A happy medium may be, the to of you shooting your own videos for him to watch on the days or nights when he has to self indulge. Watching porn doesn’t equate to him being uninterested in you. Add a little spice to the sexy. Try surprising him with a movie that you made all by yourself, he may be smiling all month long! Just a few suggestions before midnight πŸ™‚ your love life is all about communication, nothing more, nothing less!!


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