Valentine’s Day Part Deux


Valentines day in and of itself can be called a gimmick for the card and chocolate companies. Yes, I can agree to that. Yes, we could also go into the Valentines Day massacre, but that is not what is being celebrated.
Any day that allows you to show your loved one how much you love them, really matters. I know, I know, some of you are thinking “you should show them everyday”, your right. That also means that a birthday should be a everyday occasion since the gift of life is to be celebrated and tomorrow is never promised. Bottom line, people have very busy lives and at times they may not have time to gush all over their person, that doesn’t mean they love them less. Even if you are single with children, take them to dinner or have a picnic at home with them, their your loved ones too. If you are single with no kids, go out to a party, there are plenty of them 🙂 Valentines day gives you that special set aside day to really focus on only them. And besides, its a ton of fun. Lighten up and enjoy it!! Make it a bi monthly thing to have your own Valentines day. So, take out the cards and candy and focus on the love. When you have it, it makes the day even more special. Valentines Day is what you make, but try not to spoil for the others that enjoy it. Love to be loved and smile!


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