Valentines Day


So once again the old gimmicky holiday has rolled around. I personally like the holiday, however, I hate to have to go to the store for anything on the February 13th. Lets take Walmart for instance, you need a jug of milk, deodorant, and shaving cream. One stop shop is the nearest Walmart, you arrive, grab your stuff, and head to the check out counter….. To your surprise, there are at least 5 people in each line with their hands full with teddy bears, candy and balloons. Tacky!! Lol!! Don’t last minute shop.
Ok, let’s stop here. If you are in the market for a gift for your mate, here a few great websites to help you out and have your gifts there on time with low or no shipping costs. Ladies, remember that guys appreciate gifts too. It is a lovers holiday, not a woman’s holiday.
Gift ideas: spa packages are great for anyone. Personalized gifts are thoughtful as well. Now a nice piece of lingerie, spiked heels and some candles go a long way too. And fellas, candles, a bath, and massage oil works the same for us!

Not sure what city you are in but Living Social has great deals going on…
Chocolate covered strawberries


Love notes: hiding love notes in her stuff, so she finds it while getting dressed and throughout the day, are always thoughtful. You can play with the idea by writing a love note on the mirror, so when she showers the steam will show the message.

Scavenger hunt: hide her gift and give her clues on how to find it. Lead her to a restaurant and meet her there or to a in home picnic.

In home picnic: who says you have to go out?? Restaurants are crowded anyway. Grab takeout or cook up some goodies and have a real in home picnic.

Just a few tips, I have plenty more if needed, just shoot me an email šŸ™‚



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