Security Blanket


What’s the first thing you thought of?? Well remember when you broke up with that person who you just knew wasn’t a good fit or at least wanted to break up. He or she won’t marry you but they will stay in a relationship or even carry on a 5+ year engagement. Even if you break up, you go right back together. That’s your security blanket! You know that person may not even have your best interest at heart, but your comfortable. The sex is good, really really good, so your blinded by the sheets! They are financially secure with good credit, but talks to you like a child or emasculates you, They tell your that they are still growing or just bare with them as they mature, but should you really have too? Are you a security blanket or are you using one? So, how do you get from under the covers? Well, first you must figure it out and admit it. What do you really want in life? What drives you to succeed? Can you say that without a shadow of a doubt, that this person will be there for important things. You can so easily call your friends stupid for being in the same situation, but why are exempt from your own advice? The best thing you can do to fix your situation is think about the advice you would give a friend in the same situation and TAKE IT YOURSELF!!! Only you know when your sick and tired, so only you can change it!
Tarah D.

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