Good Man: David Wright

My husband David is a good man… definition of a good man is” Dave do Right”….he gave himself that name for a reason and I agree……he’s doing things right……my husband is a great man, great father,and great husband! He will do anything and everything to support his family, he goes to work almost everyday to make sure we have everything we need,sometimes I say why work so much for things you can’t enjoy because ur always at work……but David works hard for his family to enjoy those things! I admire his work ethic and dedication to our family!! He’s a great provider, friend and he love us more than anything in this world! He’s my best friend and I wouldn’t trade him for the world!….you say good man, I say great man only cause that’s what he is to me! I love u David, and I support and encourage you to keep being everything you can be, maybe I don’t tell you enough, and I can speak for us all, we appreciate you!!!
Love your wife, Tish!……………………




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