Lover’s Showcase: The Harris’s

Darius and I met on Halloween of 2003. His very first words to me were “what are you supposed to be?”
I responded “A girl from the 80’s” in my around-the-way girl tone. I was decked out in my spray painted (stupid fresh) pants and authentic (leather) Michael Jackson tour jacket. I thought I looked cute (cheap costume) and obviously Darius didn’t think I looked to bad either, he got my number and called me that night for what turned into a three hour conversation…I was hooked! I’ve always loved stimulating conversations and he did not disappoint. We found that we shared many goals and values… I felt like we could build together. Eventually, I would end all of our conversations with “I appreciate you”, not yet wanting to introduce the “L” word. As time went on our love and dedication was clear, our dates became more and more frequent until we decided “we might as well” live together. August 14th, 2009 is when we decided to “do things the right way” (as my granny would say) & make it official. Being married to Darius has been a blessing, of course we have had bad days, and nights when I want to smother him in his sleep (lol) but the good exceedingly outweighs the bad. Darius and I are the very best of friends and I look forward each day to living out my dreams with him.





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