Definition of a good man….

Raphael Saadiq says “he’s a good man”. A good man is what exactly? This entry is dedicated to the men that know they are doing what they are suppose to do. The focus is so often on women(Queens)that we forget about the Kings. People rarely give credit where it is due, especially when it comes to black men. Whether it’s husband, boyfriend, business man, father, or dominant role model, the is done right. There will be photos of the good ones holding it down. The goal is for you all to submit the photo and story of the man/men that you believe are doing the job the right way, even if it’s yourself! Hope you enjoy this and I’m looking forward to the stories!

Ronald D.
My husband is not a just a great man, but he is an entrepreneur, and extremely intelligent. I fell in love with his mind, body, soul, and spirit. This is the man that God created just for me. His best quality is his determination and diligence. He is a blessing beyond words 🙂



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