Moments of realization #10

Most that know me know that my trade is love and relationships. I find it amazing that so many of the people that I love are ending their relationships over things that they believe will never change. When one gets a cold, they go to the doctor. When ther car breaks down, they go to a mechanic. Why is it that when the most valuable thing is breaking down, you make attempts to fix it yourself? Marriage and relationship specialist, counselors, and therapist are only to give an unbiased opinion. Even if you are really in danger of a major breakup, stop being stubborn unless its just completely unhealthy for the both of you. Never stay in a relationship that is breaking you down to your very being and the core of your soul! However, if it can be saved, at least stop arguing to listen for a minute. Once someone yells or disrespects, the other one is no longer listening. Stop making it so easy to give it. Don’t get involved, if running is always your first option. If its worth having, its worth fighting for 🙂


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