Role Playing and Toys

Role Playing and Toys
Some men seem to have a problem with women and their toys. I’m here to tell you that there is no need to fret! First know this, the toy is your friend! You may find that you really enjoy watching her entertain herself and then getting ready for you. Most women need you to warm up the engine, the toy can assist and do a great job. Try it out, it may become your bestfriend! Now believe it or not, many women would love to role play but they are nervous about not being taken seriously. Fellas, show us how its done! Make the move and leave a love note for her stating where to meet you. Once she gets there, you don’t know her. It can be a hotel bar so that you can take her back to your room! Show her how sexy is really done! Keep me posted! Until we meet again…. {Tarah D}


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