Nov 3-7 Hot Topic- Let’s talk about SEX

How important is sex and money to the relationship? Does it depends on whether sex is consistent and good? Is it 50% of the relationship if you are not getting it? What do you consider bad or good sex? Are you able to tell you significant other about your fantasies or desires without judgment, if not is that an issue? For most women, sex comes with the emotional and intimate attachment which may be needed to have great sex. The need to feel desired verses (screwed) for lack of a better term. Put it out there and discuss the real issues of the adult sexual world and road blocks. Do the single people believe that unattached sex is better for them? No strings, no issues. Do the monogamous¬†people believe that they have better sex? If so, why? I have found that the biggest problem for some relationships is the lack of intimacy. Even if one person tells their mate of their needs, the other does not always take it under advisement. The single world has the issue of having to be very cautious of the selected partners due to STD’s, down low brothers (or sisters), and uncertainties. To be fair there are some couples dealing with the same issues. How do you work past those issues, or do you?


One response to “Nov 3-7 Hot Topic- Let’s talk about SEX

  • shawn

    I love sex. It is just hard with your mate if they are not as into exploring as often. Sex is only the most important part of the relationship if its not good or if it is not often. I do not tell my woman of my fantasies because she is a bit of a prude. All I like is a little bit of a change. Not the usual. Better sex can be achieved within the relationship because there are suppose to be no inhibitions. Caution to the wind, but that does not happen. As far as infidelity goes, I think that all people need to accept that cheating happens. It is naive to believe that if you stay with a person, you will be faithful for the next 50+ years. In the 50’s sure, 70’s possibly, but this generation makes life so accessible that it is much harder. It doesn’t matter if it is a phone call, small convo or a text, cheating is cheating and it is quite easy. Many people are cheating and don’t know it because they have not had sex, but believe it that you are. Thats how they make themselves feel better. We are all capable of doing this, so don’t judge.

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