5 Steps to the Yes! (Which ever yes, you desire)

Ok fellas, so you want to know a few things that can get you further in your relationship or into a relationship. That is today’s blog, so enjoy!

1. Tell her things that you mean, not what you think she wants to hear. Many times women can tell when a man is jiving them. They are used to men running game. So just try being opening interested in her conversation and ask questions that show interest, instead of her asking you fifty questions. Stay off your phone and pay attention because you will be able to use some the info in the future. This will show her your sensitive/vulnerable side, which women typically desire.

2. Use the info that you learned. Small things matter more than the big, at times. Yes the grand gestures are wonderful, but the small thoughtful ones also work. A single flower that she loves, porcelain doll, anything that she smiled about in the conversations on your dates. Women are kind of mushy, remember that.

3. Be date original. Try to contour your dates to the person you are dating (email me for ideas). Go outside your box. If you continue to take your dates to the same places, you are bound to run into one of the old ones. Try a museum, the zoo, a bistro, or the theater. One of the sexist and most memorable things about about a date, is where it is and how it goes. Even if it doesn’t work for the two of you, she won’t forget that date. Remember to open doors and pay close attention to whether she reaches over in the car and opens the door for you. That shows a little about whether she is selfish 😉

4. Do not assume. Don’t assume that because this woman grew up in the deep South in a small town that she is close minded. Try to open her up to life. Just as you are trying to impress her, she is doing the same thing for you. Introduce her to things that you like, she may surprise you. Some men are interested in fishing or hunting, she may be a pro at fishing or always wanted to learn. I love to watch people play poker, but learning would be better. Videos games are a great example. She be rolling her eyes when you turn on the Xbox, but only because you tune her out when you start playing it. How about grabbing another controller and teaching her how to play. She doesn’t have play every game, but she will feel included and won’t nag the next you play because she sees how fun it can be. The mission is to collaborate two people, not give up what you like already.

5. Touch!!!!!- Im not saying to grope her, but do touch her hand with a graze and hold it. Gently touch the small of her back but do not run your hand up her spine until you feel like the time has come. The spine, hands and neck are ultra erotic so you will need those spots hen it’s time. Touching can be hypnotizing! You want to leave with something to think about. Don’t be so quick to give it her all the time. The mystery makes it worth the wait. Those gentle touches will leave things in your hands!

Those are my 5 suggestions to get your “yes”. Treat her like the lady she is. If the first or second date doesn’t work out, there are many more all around you. Choose your best fit.

{Tarah D}


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