Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Blog for the Guys

Everything I read for Valentine’s day is always about the ladies, so I decided to give a shout out to the guys and a few tips! First let me say, thank you to all the good men in the world. Many times I hear the bad things that men do, but it is time for some recognition on their part. Thank you to the men, that are romantic outside of holidays, remember all the important days, take care of home, cook and clean, help to keep their woman stress free, and maintain their status as the KING of the household! Now for the blog!

I’m sure the guys wonder why Valentine’s day is so important to women. Its a holiday that was made up by the card companies and besides the V-day massacre should be enough to make you want to ignore this day. For most men, there is no such luck. The best thing to do is not complain and just grab some flowers, candy, and cook her dinner or make reservations. Most women are very easy to please with some effort put forth. If you do appreciative things throughout the year, some women do not require anything big for V-day. Its a love holiday, women are emotional creatures so naturally many want to celebrate it. In some cases it can be a “make or break” for your relationship. Guys, the best advice I can give you is to be the best man you can be all year. If you have no idea what to do for this day, here are a few quick tips. *Start her morning with a love letter. If you live together, place it at her bedside before she wakes. If you do not live together, send an email, not a text or hand deliver it with 1 single rose. * Have her lunch sent to her job. * Prepare dinner or make reservations- if you prepare dinner, make sure the setup is right. Rose pedals from the front door to the table and put the remaining pedals on the table. Place a bottle of chilled champagne, candles, and a small token gift on the table. Whatever meal you prepare make sure you properly decorate the plate. You can use a sauce to make a heart around the food on the plate. Try something different for the meal. Cooking is better than reservations because there are too many people out on that day. Its very personal when you are alone and its well thought out. You could also use the floor instead of the table for the picnic setup (super sexy) *Get a small bottle or jar and put small pieces of paper that state something that you will do, inside of it. These things could be ” a back massage, foot rub, picnic, doing the dishes” anything along those lines. On this day you want to personalize what you do for her. The more thought you put into this, the better your “thank you” will be. And you know you want the thank you. If you need any ideas, email me!! You want your woman going back to work with a smile on her face. She will be able to say more then “he got me flowers at work” a lot of men do that. You want her co-workers to say “Dang, her man is smooth, all I got was flowers!”  {Tarah D}

Key Point for the ladies- Appreciate a good man if you have one and recognize when good one when he is coming your way.


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