Moment of realization #9

So you want that phone call and a date??

Ever go out to run errands and see a person that you are attracted to, but would not dare approach? This person is captivating and you are so enthralled that you forgot what you even left the house to do. Your heart skipped a few beats, and palms are sweaty. You have become anxious. What keeps you from approaching that woman/man? It may amaze you but a little confidence goes a long way. When you notice this person, if your goal is to meet them, try flirting. Do not assume that they noticed you and should come to you. The 3 second gaze will let you know whether they are interested. Just give them a little smile. Women appreciate when a man is a kind of mysterious but is still obvious. When you do get that chance to talk, look the person in the eyes. Not a deep penetrating stare, but an engaging look. This lets them know that you are paying attention to them and not just their body or clothes. Lines or running game is not necessary. Just introduce yourself and inquire about their name. A joke can go a long way also, not a knock-knock or your mama joke, but something to make them giggle. Ladies please watch the way you turn around when the guy says “excuse me or hello”. If you turn around with the stank face on or an attitude, he may be turned off. Even if you do not want him, another guy that you may be interested in, could be watching. Being pleasant is appealing.

Women are infamous at looking at a man’s shoes to determine whether she wants to go out on the date. I highly recommend against this ladies. The man could be a construction worker and have to stop at the grocery store before going home. He is not going to look his best but you can look at him and see potential. Try not to pass him up if you are interested. Some guys can look at a woman from behind and decide if he wants to date her, and she never even turned around. When she does he may still be pleased, but her first question is “what do you drive or how much money do you make, where do you work”? You bypass that because she looks like a dime in your book, and her body is working overtime. Do not complain about a woman being a gold digger, when you are choosing that type and saw the signs.  When your single, you must still be mindful of your appearance when you are able to do so. That store run, or video drop off, could put you in front of your future mate and you do not want to be caught of guard. Be mindful about the first impression, it really is a lasting one. That impression could determine if the phone number actually gets used.      {Tarah D.}

*Key points: Glance, smile, and introduce yourself, you just never know!


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