Moments of Realization # 8


How often do you find yourself needing an extra push from your mate or the person that you are seriously dating? Do you find that sometimes you just wish that he/she would give you some assertive words of motivation? Does it bother you when you have been holding down the fort with no acknowledgement? Sometimes when the chips are down, people have a tendency to find someone to blame and it is usually not themselves. When a financial crisis strikes, more often than not, relationships become divided and fingers start pointing. When a crisis of any sort invades a relationship, it is merely a test, either you survive or you don’t. In this economy especially, many marriages have ended and relationships have ceased to exist. When you go through a struggle, remember that normally, no one person is suffering more than the other. Try to be the shoulder for one another. Try to find comfort in one another. Now, ask yourself how often you do that for them? Most men want their woman to rub their shoulders and let them know how appreciated they are. They like to hear how much you love them and are proud of them. Women like to hear how beautiful they are looking, or how great the house looks. How she is doing a wonderful job at work and at home. How he is an excellent father and still has time to make you happy. These things are important even if you have been together for 25 years. People are still people and it is nice to know that are appreciated by their loved one. Just remember that the next time you walk in the house give a simple compliment of support. Do not kick each other when you are down. Do not throw anything in the others face, because that adds fuel to the fire. As hard as it will seem, once you overcome that trial/test, your testimony will be great! If you are not married, your vows will be strong because you have overcome a great challenge together. If you are married, that bond will seal tighter than you can imagine. {Tarah D.}

*Key Point – Appreciate the one you have. None of us are perfect, we are all just trying…


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