Moments of Realization #7

“Self Respect”

As a woman it is extremely hard to watch other women believe that they only need, want and have two assets. Those assets are their butts and breasts. It does not matter what shade you are, what body type or how long your hair is. Those should never be your only assets. Some have sold themselves all the way out for a few drinks, dinner, or even some shoes. However, being a woman is being a business woman all day. Our daily lives consists of making it work. When you meet a man, make sure that he dates/courts you. Increase your standards and no, texting you to confirm that you can still make it is not cool. No, you can not pick him up and no, you are not going dutch on the first date. Having low or no standards when it comes to men and how far you will go, makes it hard on the women who know their worth. I understand that some women did not have fathers growing up, but that is the biggest reason why they should know what they will and will not tolerate off of a man. Stop using ” I had no daddy” as an excuse to be taken advantage of, some men are waiting on that. Strength and wisdom can flourish through the absence of a parent. Stop giving up the a$$ as soon as you meet. Stop being the booty call, if he only sees you at night (your a booty call). Stop believing everything these men tell you “girl you are a star with that body”. That’s cool to be a star with a great body, so is Giselle (Victoria Secret model), but she is sitting on millions! You have more control over your life and circumstances then you may realize. The energy that is put into calling yourself a pimp for a few dollars, can be put into building a great business. Sexy is fantastic but a woman with a head on her shoulders and money in the bank is worth platinum! Everyone grows at their own pace, just make sure you do because life will progress. Think about it! {Tarah D.}
*Key Point- Stop short changing yourself and then complaining in your facebook status

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