Moments of Realization #2

“Remodel Yourself”

Whenever I hear women say that there are no good men in world, it is often because the men that they want are already married, gay, unavailable, or just not ready to settle down. These are signs that are known well before the relationship goes too far. How is it that even once some find out about those current status, some women stay? Well first, some stay because although the man is unavailable, there is still some type of male attention. The need for attention can be so over-powering that it consumes one. As a woman one must remember to always consider yourself first. Take pride in everything that you represent and stand firm to that. I have found that some women can be strong and controlling in every aspect of their lives except the love life. It is irrelevant if you can “tell someone off at work” or “curse out your friends” if you can’t address the wrongs in your relationship. As for the men, it takes a real and strong man to know when they are ready to settle down, and that alone will enhance their lives as well. The men that are unavailable in those capacities may thrive on the women that have that need for companionship by any means. That situation makes them predators and the women prey. Most people want honesty about the upfront and general information in the “getting to know you” process. In the dating world it is necessary to remember the courting process. This process is very important and has been reiterated in almost every relationship book you can find. Both men and women have faced these issues while dating, but if you continue to hit the road blocks with the same type pf person, then you must “remodel yourself”! We will discuss that in the later blogs as we develop our relationship.       {Tarah D.}

*Key point- Remodel yourself if what you have been doing for years is not leading you to the healthy relationship that you seek.


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